Gun and Firearms Attorney

Kimberly S. Hodde’s defense of gun cases frequently involves Fourth Amendment issues. How the evidence of the firearm violation was gathered, and whether or not the search and seizure of the evidence passes constitutional muster is a critical question.

To construct a strong defense in a gun possession case (either felon in possession or in connection with a drug trafficking offense), Kim Hodde works through the facts of the case, analyzing the potential constitutional violations to determine if there are illegalities that will undermine the prosecution’s case. Like with drug cases, gun cases often begin with some sort of police intrusion, such as a traffic stop, search of property, or a stop and frisk of your person on the street. Also, gun cases often involve the use of confidential informants, reverse stings, buy/busts, and other police controlled or manipulated tactics. It is critically important that you be able to communicate with your lawyer and that your lawyer understands the nuances of how your arrest developed. Many times these facts result in the suppression of evidence or form the basis for a trial defense.

Ms. Hodde has published articles for defense practitioners on federal gun prosecutions which explore the types of potential defenses available and caution against some of the pitfalls in handling gun cases. In many cases, her investigation raises mitigating factors which may serve to reduce a sentence or facts which could totally exonerate a client. Ms. Hodde is experienced at examining a case from every angle to uncover inconsistencies among the facts, and illegalities in the search, seizure, and arrest, so they can be used to her client’s advantage. She is knowledgeable about all types of firearms and the technicalities of how they function. Furthermore, she is constantly mindful of potential sentencing enhancements, such as Armed Career Criminal Act (ACCA), which can artificially ratchet a sentence to a minimum of 15 years with certain qualifying prior convictions. If you need representation in a federal gun case, contact Kimberly S. Hodde.

Explosives Possession Lawyer

Kimberly S. Hodde, Attorney at Law represents clients who face serious charges involving guns and all types of weapons or explosives.  By statute, explosive devices (such a Molotov Cocktails and pipe bombs – even certain high-powered fireworks) meet the definition of “firearm” and are heavily restricted and regulated. With an increased fear of government intrusion, more people have begun to create homemade weapons and explosive devices.  However well-intentioned, possession of these devices is a violation of federal law and subjects the person who possesses the device and/or made the device to significant penalties.  No matter the charge, Ms. Hodde’s approach always involves:

o An in-depth examination of the all the facts;
o An analysis of the search and arrest;
o An application of constitutional principles; and,
o The development of a theory of defense;

Difficult cases require a great deal of work, and if you have a complex, federal case involving the possession of explosives, contact Kimberly S. Hodde.

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If you have questions regarding federal firearms charges, contact Hodde & Associates.  Kimberly S. Hodde can be available for evening and weekend appointments. Ms. Hodde is mindful that you may not have budgeted for funding your defense; so, under some circumstances, she will work with defendants and/or their families on a reasonable payment plan. The firm is conveniently located in a freestanding building on Music Row, just one mile from the federal courthouse with abundant free parking. Contact us at 615-242-4200.