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The problems with medical insurance and healthcare issues in the U.S. are reflected in the media every day. And every day, America’s doctors, hospitals, clinics, chiropractors and other facilities and professionals are on the front lines, handling these issues.

Unfortunately for health care professionals, they are subject to the tedious bureaucracies of shuffling mounds of paper to get paid a small fraction of what their services are worth. Equally as unfortunate is the fact that correctly billing and coding health insurance claim forms requesting payment is a complex and sometimes nonsensical process. As any health care professional knows, mistakes are inevitable. But, whether medical care providers handle health insurance coding on their own or hire an outside firm, innocent errors and an aggressive OIG agent can lead to serious federal charges of Medicare, Medicaid or healthcare fraud.

The Nashville, Tennessee, based federal criminal defense firm of Law Office of Kimberly S. Hodde understands the circumstances that can lead to unexpected charges of Medicare and healthcare fraud. The firm has helped dozens of doctors, hospitals, chiropractors, dentists, physical therapists, nursing homes, home health providers, and medical supply companies defend against fraud charges.

The penalties for Medicare and healthcare fraud are severe and can involve significant jail time. Kimberly Hodde works with healthcare professionals and organizations facing all variations of fraud charges.

For example, in one of Ms. Hodde’s cases, a doctor was charged in federal court with fraudulent billing involving a total of $2,000 in billing error/oversight. With Ms. Hodde’s representation, the jury was able to understand how these errors occurred and returned a not-guilty verdict for this doctor.

In another recent case, a doctor was convicted of fraud after a jury trial. Ms. Hodde was retained to represent him at his sentencing. After humanizing the client/doctor by painting a picture of his life’s work and his vast contributions to society, the penalty was reduced from approximately five years in jail to probation with no jail time.

The government takes Medicare and other healthcare fraud charges seriously, and even “personally” when public or government funds are alleged to be involved. To discuss your rights and options, contact Ms. Hodde for a consultation.

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If you have questions regarding healthcare and Medicare fraud charges, contact Hodde & Associates.  Kimberly S. Hodde can be available for evening and weekend appointments. Ms. Hodde is mindful that you may not have budgeted for funding your defense; so, under some circumstances, she will work with defendants and/or their families on a reasonable payment plan. The firm is conveniently located in a free-standing building on Music Row, just one mile from the federal courthouse with abundantfree parking. Contact us at 615-242-4200.