Defense Against Federal Gun And Drug Charges In Nashville And Nationwide

Allegations involving the possession of a firearm can lead to serious consequences, as can charges involving the possession, distribution or trafficking of drugs. When charges for firearm and drug violations are combined, the potential consequences can threaten the defendant’s liberty for years and even decades.

Charges involving the use or carrying of a firearm in connection with or in furtherance of drug trafficking can lead to steep, consecutive jail sentences. In cases charged under 18 U.S.C. §924(c), the punishment for the gun offense runs consecutively to the punishment for the drug offense. Consecutive sentences are worse than concurrent sentences in that they cannot be served together. Rather, the prison time for the gun charge must be served after the time is completely served on the drug case, resulting in longer overall prison sentences. To make matters worse, in this type of gun case, the minimum consecutive sentence for a gun charge connected with drugs is five years. Depending on other circumstances, such as the type of gun and number of guns, the potential consecutive sentence can escalate to 30 years or more.

The federal courts take charges involving firearm possession and drug trafficking very seriously. Even if your gun is lawfully registered and you have no criminal record, drug charges alleging simultaneous possession of your gun can lead to years and even decades in jail.

Kimberly S. Hodde’s Experience

Federal drug crimes attorney Kimberly Hodde  has worked to defend people accused of drug, weapon and other federal crimes for nearly 20 years, and has successfully represented numerous individuals facing charges involving firearm possession and drug trafficking.

Kimberly Hodde is skilled and experienced in identifying constitutional issues relating to weapon and drug trafficking charges, and pursuing effective legal defenses to them. Ms. Hodde has successfully achieved both acquittals and reduction of charges for individuals facing 18 U.S.C. 924(c) charges. Because the penalties are harsh and consecutive by statute, it is critical that your defense be conducted by an experienced federally-dedicated criminal defense lawyer who can help you avoid conviction for these offenses and who is particularly knowledgeable about federal defense and the constantly developing federal case law in this area.

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If you have questions regarding weapons possession and drug trafficking charges, contact Hodde & Associates.  Kimberly S. Hodde can be available for evening and weekend appointments. Ms. Hodde is mindful that you may not have budgeted for funding your defense; so, under some circumstances, she will work with defendants and/or their families on a reasonable payment plan. The firm is conveniently located in a freestanding building on Music Row, just one mile from the federal courthouse with abundant free parking. Contact us at 615-242-4200.