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Whether accused of running or participating in a large scale marijuana grow operation or whether accused of simply possessing some of the operational components (i.e., grow lamps, fertilizer, seeds, root balls, etc.), manufacturing marijuana is treated harshly under both state and federal law. Federal penalties for manufacturing marijuana are particularly high because they are based largely on the number of plants involved. Unfortunately, the law allows the government to count mere parts of plants as full plants. So, often the number of plants the government claims are involved is vastly larger than the real number — which, in turn, increases the punishment.

Like in other drug manufacturing cases, the law criminalizes the possession of precursors or components to a marijuana manufacturing operation. For example, someone who is growing marijuana in his or her home exclusively for personal or medicinal use and is in possession of old, unusable seeds, stalks, or root balls could still be charged with manufacturing or attempted manufacturing, and each stalk could be counted as a separate plant.

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Attorney Kimberly Hodde of The Law Office of Kimberly S. Hodde has successfully represented numerous defendants charged with manufacturing or growing marijuana.

Although the law is changing in many areas of the country, and it is lawful to possess marijuana for medical purposes or dispense marijuana for medical purposes (subject to intensive government regulation) in some areas of the country, Tennessee does not presently permit the possession, use, growth or distribution of marijuana even for medical purposes.  While this may change in the future, currently even a lawful prescription for medical marijuana issued elsewhere is not acknowledged in Tennessee.

In the context of manufacturing, just because the substance was grown for a medicinal purpose does not make it lawful. In fact, Tennessee and federal laws make it illegal to grow marijuana even if it is for a legitimate medical reason and is never sold.

In these cases, it is vitally important to secure counsel who is capable of providing a well-rounded, comprehensive and aggressive defense. Grow operation cases routinely involve important constitutional issues. Ms. Hodde handles only criminal cases. She has defended many individuals in state and federal manufacturing cases and has successfully suppressed evidence and secured dismissals for clients whose rights were violated. Moreover, in medical marijuana cases, she has worked with clients to structure sympathetic defenses that have significantly mitigated the overall impact of the prosecution.

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