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Tax fraud presents itself in many different forms. Prosecutors sometimes allege that citizens failed to file tax returns when they were required to under the law and that they owe a tax debt as a result. Other times, the government charges a defendant with making material misrepresentations on a filed tax return (or series of tax returns) that, when adjusted to what the government perceives to be true and accurate numbers, results in a substantial underpayment by the taxpayer (also called tax evasion).

Occasionally, tax fraud charges accompany some other allegation in an Indictment in which the defendant is alleged to have profited through a crime (for example, gambling or drugs) and then failed to report those profits (either at all or accurately) and consequently, owes a substantial tax debt.

Regardless of how the allegations are made, the defense of a tax fraud case always involves a tedious and methodical review of both the supporting documents being examined by the case agent (often an IRS agent) and the calculations being used to determine the “tax loss.” To defend a tax fraud case, defense counsel needs to be well-versed in the tax code and have the intelligence, experience and confidence to develop a coherent defense that will persuade prosecutors that their logic was erroneous and/or will be understandable to a jury.

Nashville-based attorney Kimberly S. Hodde is such an advocate. Ms. Hodde has represented many clients charged with a variety of tax fraud issues and has been successful in litigating criminal tax fraud cases. She defends clients in Middle Tennessee and in federal cases across the country.

How A Lawyer Can Help During A Tax Audit

Going through a tax audit is a critical moment for you as a taxpayer. If you are notified that you will be audited and if you know you may have underreported income or overstated deductions on the tax years in question or any surrounding years (as audits are often expanded to surrounding years once they begin), you need skilled legal guidance from the outset of the audit. You should never speak directly with the auditor. You should always have the insulation of legal counsel to protect you during the audit process. If you participate in the audit without representation, your own words will be used against you in assessing your tax liability and in any subsequent prosecution for tax fraud.

It is important to have a knowledgeable defense lawyer to help you respond to these allegations. It may be possible to avoid criminal charges entirely with the help of counsel by showing the authorities that there was no criminal intent.

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