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Wire fraud and mail fraud involve providing information and transmitting documents through the mail or through electronic media in conjunction with an alleged fraud scheme.  Mail fraud typically involves the allegation that someone perpetrated a fraud or perpetuated a fraudulent scheme by transmitting a document or a payment (often a check) through the U.S. Mail or using an alternative carrier such as FedEx or UPS.

Similarly, wire fraud commonly involves the allegation that a fraud has been perpetrated in part by using an electronic form of communication (i.e., over the “wire”).  Over time, the typical conduit for wire fraud has changed from fax to electronic submissions via email or using the internet in some way.  The wire transmissions could be uploading inaccurate forms, operating a fraudulent or misleading website, accepting electronic payment for services not rendered or any number of frauds which are aided or committed in some way using electronic communication.

Because it is virtually impossible to conduct business activities without at least occasionally using the postal system or an electronic forms of communication, wire fraud and mail fraud charges often serve as sweeping, catch-all legal tools that prosecutors use to charge perceived wrongdoing in “white collar” cases.

Common examples of alleged wire fraud and mail fraud activity include using the postal system, phones, email and internet to:

  • Convince investors to invest in invalid company or investment opportunities
  • Misrepresent health insurance and Medicare claims
  • Submit inaccurate or fraudulent tax returns
  • Defraud motivated investors in a white collar situation
  • Submit false invoices
  • Collect payment for a fraudulent transaction


Wire and mail fraud charges are often combined with other charges such as money laundering. Ms. Hodde has defended hundreds of people accused of fraud. Our firm understands that an error or brief instance of debatable judgment does not make you a career criminal and that your life and the lives of your loved ones should not be ruined by one regrettable moment in time.For over two decades, Kimberly Hodde has worked tirelessly to defend individuals accused of federal crimes.  If you or your firm has been contacted by law enforcement or accused of wire fraud or mail fraud, the Nashville, Tennessee based criminal defense Law Office of Kimberly S. Hodde can help.

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