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Nashville Federal Criminal Defense Trial Attorney

When facing state or federal criminal charges, the decisions you make during the infancy of your case will impact your ability to successfully mount a defense. Whether you have been arrested pursuant to a criminal complaint and warrant, or pursuant to an Indictment, or whether you have been approached by law enforcement as a suspect or subpoenaed to testify before the grand jury, you need a skilled and respected criminal defense attorney to represent you.

Choosing an inexperienced attorney or one who does not focus his/her practice exclusively on criminal defense could be a mistake you will later regret - especially following an unjust or improvident conviction that will be difficult, if not impossible, to correct in retrospect.

Attorney Kimberly S. Hodde of The Law Office of Kimberly S. Hodde is one of the most sought after criminal defense attorneys in Middle Tennessee. Ms. Hodde offers 1) quality representation, 2) a straightforward approach to your legal situation, and 3) a strong attorney-client relationship. When hiring Ms. Hodde, you regain some control over your future by working with an attorney who will vigilantly guard your constitutional rights and aggressively protect your liberty.

Ms. Hodde devotes her law practice exclusively to criminal defense with a focus primarily on federal cases or state cases that may become federal cases. Ms. Hodde has achieved the highest academic and professional credentials, and is widely respected for both her legal skill and her relentless dedication to her clients. She regularly represents clients at all levels of state and federal court and has successfully defended clients against a broad range of criminal charges, including charges involving:

Ms. Hodde's reputation for excellence is reflected in the large amount of referrals she receives from former and existing clients, and from other lawyers. She represents a broad range of individuals facing existing or potential criminal charges, including doctors, lawyers, elected officials and corporate executives and any other persons facing a serious state or federal prosecution.

Ms. Hodde is selective in the cases she chooses to accept. The resulting smaller case load allows her to devote more time to each case and to individualize the representation she provides. Her first-rate work product is reflected both in her results and in her fees. While Ms. Hodde's fees are reasonable for the services she provides, if you are searching for the most inexpensive representation, Ms. Hodde will not fit your criteria. However, if your goal is to find outstanding legal representation and to position yourself for the best possible result, Ms. Hodde's fees are more than well-matched to her record of achieving satisfying results for her clients.

Contact federal criminal defense attorney Kimberly S. Hodde to discuss your case. Ms. Hodde can be available for evening and weekend appointments. Ms. Hodde is mindful that you may not have budgeted for funding your defense; so, under some circumstances, she will work with defendants and/or their families on a reasonable payment plan. The firm is conveniently located in a free-standing building on Music Row, just one mile from the federal courthouse with an abundance of parking.

Contact Ms. Hodde at 615-242-4200

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